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Scenic Isle Farm

This harvest season started with a bit of a panic for some Whidbey Island locals. As we began planning our annual trip to the local pumpkin patch we were met with seemingly sorrowful news – “Sherman Farm has changed hands.”

When I first heard this news I was heartbroken! As a Whidbey local who was born and raised on the island, I remember countless falls spent traipsing around Sherman Farm looking for my special Holloween squash. When I was very young I sat on the floor of the big red barn weekly and was taught about farm life by Mrs. Elizabeth Sherman as her husband, Dale, could be heard running the tractor outside. For over 150 years this land has been cared for by the Sherman family and the thought of anyone else tilling these fields felt like the end of one of Whidbey’s greatest eras.

Thankfully, my dismay was quickly dispelled when I realized who had taken on this historic property.

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of knowing Alix Roos for a few years now. She is a Whidbey Island local, the daughter of a beloved co-worker, and A SHERMAN! Don’t let the last name fool you; Alix is a 5th-generation Sherman who values her family’s farm and it’s contribution to this island. Together with her husband Brandon and daughter Zayne (6th generation Sherman), they are taking Sherman Farm into its new era with a new name. 


Scenic Isle Photo Strip


Scenic Isle Farm is still one of Whidbey’s oldest multi-generational family farms. Alix and her family are just the most recent generation and they are proud to pick up the mantle to serve the land and the community by growing fresh produce in the heart of Ebey’s Landing.

Once my fears were dispelled, I was practically skipping my way to the farm to pick up my annual pumpkin. I was so grateful to see how beloved community displays like the pumpkin wall remained unchanged and how excited my little casher (Zayne) seemed when checking me out.

It’s wonderful to see this beloved Whidbey location being passed down to a generation that is so excited to learn, grow, preserve, and expand. If you would like to follow along with Alix and her family as they catalog their experience of working on the farm I highly suggest following the Scenic Isle Farm Facebook Page.

I also suggest heading down to the farm and picking up a pumpkin! If you need a companion, I’m always up for a field trip.



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