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How I Help Beyond Whidbey

Want to work with me but you are moving away from Whidbey or even to another state?

I can still help!

I have been compiling a list of referral partners across both Washington State and the country that I am continually updating. Even if I don’t already know an agent in the area you are moving to, I am MORE than happy to do the leg work and find one that is right for you.

But why should you have me give you a referral? That’s a great question!


I Know You

You consider me to be your agent for a reason. Even if we have never worked together in an official setting, there is a reason you are here now reading this. If I had to venture a guess, I would say it’s because you know, like, and trust me. – The feeling is mutual!

If you’ve ever gotten a card from me, you know I believe the best way to find more of those people is through the people you already know, like, and trust. Every time I give a referral, the top thought on my mind is you and if you will have the possibility of a lasting relationship with this new broker. It’s important to me that your experience with them is everything you would normally be able to expect from me – authenticity, integrity, compassion, and excellence.


I Know the Industry

Speaking of excellence, that is also something I am looking for when considering to whom I refer my clients. When you are not a part of the real estate industry it can be hard to know what you are looking for in a broker. You might say you want the one with the most experience, but that broker with “20 years of experience” posted on their website could possibly have only done 1-2 transactions a year. You might find an agent who is doing great on social media, but are you actually going to be working with them or will they hand you off to a less experienced team member? How are you supposed to know what you need?

As a real estate broker who knows you and your needs, I know the questions to ask and where to find the experience information you need to know.


I Can Save You Time

In any given location there is bound to be dozens of agents who are offering their services. As a client, you are stuck with one of two options. 1.) Take hours and maybe even days researching agents you might be interested in working with and then interview your top picks, or 2.) simply go with the first agent you find without any background information and hope all goes well.

When you allow me to refer you, I’m doing the leg work! I’ll be researching all the agents in that area and performing initial interviews for you. Once I’ve narrowed the list to the top 2-3, I will pass their names off to you.


You Can Trust I Care

Although ensuring you know I am an agent that truly cares for you is at the heart of my business at all times, it is particularly true when it comes to referring you. Unlike when you are working with me directly and I have control over the experience that you have, I have little control over your experience once I’ve referred you to another agent. This makes me particularly vigilant when it comes to who I refer my clients to. The last thing I want is for you to think of a bad experience with a referral broker and to think of ME referring you to that broker.

Also, because I care, I won’t just disappear! I will check in regularly with you and the referral broker to make sure your experience is everything you expect.


You’re Supporting Two Small Businesses

In case you didn’t already know, I am a small business!

Although you see my brokerage’s logo on quite a lot, at the end of the day I actually am an independent contractor who works on commission alone. Referrals serve as the foundation for my business. By allowing me to refer you to an agent in your new area, you are giving me the opportunity to build a reciprocal relationship with another agent which will help both of our businesses.



So whether you are moving to Whidbey or to another state, you can trust me to help guide you on your real estate journey.


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